An Immersive, Augmented Reality, Educational Treasure Hunt

All they need is a smart phone

The entire ZaGR Adventure is centrally driven by the ClueKeeper App (it's a FREE download from the App Store)  

All you need is an Android or iPhone smart phone and you can play! 

This adventure can be played as a community with geo location points set up in your own town; or in the classroom/ school with hidden clues to find.

ZaGR for the Community & Classroom

Great for Parks & Rec Directors, Teacher & Educators.

Some of the clues in ZaGR are geographically based. That means to solve the clue, the team has to go our and find the location hinted at in the App.  Get the kids in your community moving again!

Kids learn about maps, amazing places, people and exciting cultures.  Kids will explore significant historical events, landmarks and people.  No cryptic adventure would be complete without a few puzzling mathematical riddles to solve.

A Fast & FREE App

The ZaGR Adventure is centrally driven by the ClueKeeper App.  It's a fast, free download from your App store.

After you register your team, you'll get an email with your, unique HUNT CODE.  Enter that hunt code into the ClueKeeper App, and your ready to go! 


Scan the secret journal with your smart phone and watch it come to life in amazing augmented reality. Receive clues, unlock riddles and submit your answers.  

The app will easily and seamlessly lead you through the adventure.  Be careful, Mudlark and his band of thieves is right on your tail! 

Get in Touch about ZaGR

Drop us a line and we'll email or call you back to see if ZaGR is right for your community of classroom.